So I’ve been doing quite a lot of Wargames & CTFs and I was looking to research a “real” production application.

I decided to go with a game called AssaultCube.

The game is open-source and is still very active with quite a lot of players and servers still running, so I thought “that might be an interesting target”.

(Cube Engine)

Defining Goals

The goal was clear and straightforward, achieving Remote Code Execution Client →Server.

There’s also the possibilities of client →client, or server →client, but they both tend to be easier as the client is usually written in a more trustful manner. …

Originally published at on January 8, 2021.

For quite some time now, I’ve been wanting to unveil the internals of modern operating systems.
I didn’t like how the most basic and fundamental level of a computer was so abstract to me,
and that I did not truly grasp how some of it works, a “black-box”.

I’ve always been more than familiar with kernel and OS concepts,
but there’s a big gap from comprehending them as a user versus a kernel hacker.
I wanted to see code, not words.

In order to tackle that, I decided to take on a…

Elon Gliksberg

Hello, World!

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